Home Learning

Term 3 Home Learning Challenges

P.O.C Reading Challenge 

This year, we will largely use Mathletics for Home Learning.  Students have set tasks to complete weekly.  It is important that they access Mathletics every day and aim to achieve at least 1000 points per week. I t is critical that students keep up with their task completion so they do not fall behind. Where possible, we will align tasks to the in-class focus.  Tasks should be balanced between easy (revision) and more challenging tasks - if your child feels that the tasks are consistently 'too hard' or 'too easy', they are encouraged to discuss this with their teacher to get them reset.

This has been set-up with classroom teachers.

Students are expected to have a novel on the go.  It is important that students read at least 10mins per night.

Home Learning Challenges 
Aligned with the Senior Success Awards

Students are required to set up a new Google doc in their Admin folder titled Reflections. This will be a thorough weekly reflection or extra as required by their teacher/s.


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