The Extra Champions

Congratulations to everyone who got their letter to the editor published in the April edition of the Otago daily times EXTRA. Well done to Finn and Eden for their awesome letters to Cadbury. Also, Well done to Annabel, Vismaya and Hayden for you awesome letters about national pride

We had an extra awesome person Penelope, who got her national pride letter to be the letter to the editor, guest editorial. Well done Penelope.

Here is Penelope's awesome letter to the editor.

Let's up our game New Zealand
By Penelope

I am very disappointed that there are not that many recognised events on Waitangi day.
It should be one of the biggest celebrations in New Zealand. We celebrate Chinese New Year and St Patrick's day more than our own national day. America is proud to celebrate thanksgiving, Australia celebrates Australia day we in New Zealand, need to step up our game and be proud of Waitangi day and celebrate it more. Waitangi day should be a holiday where we show off our national pride and celebrate the treaty of Waitangi.  All of the big cities could hold a big festival where you can eat, or play and watch performances. We need to show other countries what we are made of and proud of.

Well done guys!

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