Swimming Sports

Our school swimming sports are to be held on Monday 6th March.  Students are expected to come to school in their school uniform, and preferably with their togs already underneath their uniform.  

Students must bring a towel, a drink bottle, and a swimming bag (goggles and swimming cap if they have them).  Students may wear a house coloured t-shirt to wear between races. No other house items e.g. face paint are to be worn - unless waterproof.  A crumb free snack, such as a piece of fruit can be brought to the venue.

We will leave school at 11:30am. Races will begin at approximately 12:15-12:30pm. We will return to school by 3pm.

It is compulsory that students enter at least 2 races either width or length. Only students who complete in the 50m (2 length) races will qualify for the zone event if they receive a placing.

If they are unable to swim or have a health issue and cannot participate in races, then they are required to have a note to explain why they are unable to participate. They will be likely to be a 'helper' on the day.

Thank you for your support.

Note to Students: 
If you are in Bowenvale house, and you have a blue coloured towel, please bring that along and spread the word with other Bowenvale house members!


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