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Mathletics Week 7

The good news is that 26 students engaged sufficently in Mathletics to obtain certificates this week. Well done to the following students:

Silver - Sally, Isabella, Genevieve, and Rose
Bronze - Connor,Isaac, Keegan, Thomas, Rebecca, Eliya, Lara, Jenine, Finn, Vismaya, Penelope, Tyler, Petra, Rata, Aleesha, Gabriella, Olivia, Ruairi, Theo, Pete, Lewis and Yuji.

The not quite so good news is that our overall participation rate dropped to 47.5%. Furthermore there remain some students that have not taken advantage of the learning opportunity Mathletics provides. We look forward to these students getting started.


ICAS Exam Applications are due in tomorrow. Please hand in at the office.  If you have lost your original copy, please email me and I will send you a scanned copy to print off at home.

Miss M

Mathletics awards week 6

The number of students engaging with Mathletics this week increased from18% (dismal) to 59%. More than three times as many students putting in some extra yards at home. What made this even more pleasing was a number of these students had not previously engaged with Mathletics this year. Well done to all those students that are taking responsibility for their learning.

Certificates were achieved as follows:

Silver - Petra and Daniel

Bronze - Chloe, Keegan O, Mariella, Ella, Gabriella, Rose, Genevieve, Olivia, Finn, Vismaya, Miles, Lara, Sally, Rebecca, Rata, Yuji, Lewis, Pete and Ruairi

Mathletics awards week 5

The following students achieved awards in Mathletics this week:

Silver - Ruari
Bronze - Eliya, Isabella, Vismaya, Olivia, Gabriella, Aleesha, Petra and Leo

The overall participation rate was 18%. This means there are a lot of students that have not engaged with Mathletics.

Swimming Sports

Our school swimming sports are to be held on Monday 6th March.  Students are expected to come to school in their school uniform, and preferably with their togs already underneath their uniform.  
Students must bring a towel, a drink bottle, and a swimming bag (goggles and swimming cap if they have them).  Students may wear a house coloured t-shirt to wear between races. No other house items e.g. face paint are to be worn - unless waterproof.  A crumb free snack, such as a piece of fruit can be brought to the venue.
We will leave school at 11:30am. Races will begin at approximately 12:15-12:30pm. We will return to school by 3pm.
It is compulsory that students enter at least 2 races either width or length. Only students who complete in the 50m (2 length) races will qualify for the zone event if they receive a placing.
If they are unable to swim or have a health issue and cannot participate in races, then they are required to have a note to explain why they are unable to participate. They wi…

Calling all Young Writers and Artists

Do you want your work to be published in the Journal for Young Writers? Check out the website below
Submissions due April 13, 2017

Cadbury Petition

The link for the Cadbury Petition for Rm 13's Letters to the Editor

Mathletics achievement - Week 4

The following students completed Mathletics home learning tasks and were awarded certificates:

Silver - Charlie, Vismaya and Gabriella.
Bronze - Billy, Eliya, Lara, Sally, Isabella, Finn, Olivia, Rose, Aleesha, Rata, Petra, Annabell, Ruairi and Yuji.
Overall 41 out of 75 students completed some Mathletics home learning during the week.