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Meet at 8am in the hall.
Bring your baking and put it on the stage or in the boxes that will be available.

See you in the a.m!!

What Now opportunity



Please read...

Your Gear List has been emailed to your school email account.


Please ensure you have a bucket hat NOT a cap!Wear light coloured clothing for the tramp.Bring a comfortable backpack for the tramp.Carry your antihistamines (if required) in your backpack.Bring sunscreen.2 Litres of water per person.
This is all in your camp notices - hopefully you've read them!



Tomorrow is the school duathlon!  Come to school in your house colours and appropriate sportswear. Bring your school uniform to change into at lunchtime. Bring deodorant, water bottles, lots of energy boosting healthy food, hats, wear and bring sunscreen.

Individual event 
Line your bikes up at the correct age/gender cone as soon as you get to school - no riding bikes on the courts please!
Go to your classroom teacher to sign in. 
Line up on courts at 9:50am in your age/gender.

Team event
Cyclists, place your bikes in the school bike racks as normal. 
Attend class as normal in the morning. 
At 10:45am cyclists will collect your bike and line up on courts to go down with Miss M and Mr LM.

Get a good sleep and have a decent breakfast.

Camp and Year 7 Technology Notices


Year 7 Technology notices are due tomorrow.

All camp notices due on Friday.

Habits of Mind - Persistence

A few snapshots of Highfliers 13 working on a task to highlight the importance of Persistence.

Home Learning

This year, we will largely use Mathletics for Home Learning.  Students have set tasks to complete weekly.  It is important that they access Mathletics every day and aim to achieve at least 1000 points per week. I t is critical that students keep up with their task completion so they do not fall behind. Where possible, we will align tasks to the in-class focus.  Tasks should be balanced between easy (revision) and more challenging tasks - if your child feels that the tasks are consistently 'too hard' or 'too easy', they are encouraged to discuss this with their teacher to get them reset.

This will be set-up and ready to go after camp.

Students are expected to have a novel on the go.  It is important that students read at least 10mins per night.

Home Learning Challenges 
Aligned with the Senior Success Awards
We will share this year's Home Learning Challenges on this page next Monday. 

Students are required to set up a new Google doc in their…

Haere Mai and Welcome to 2017

Welcome to the High Fliers One Blog

This will be our key method of communication for reminders and notices for students and their whānau.  Please visit this page regularly. You can sign up at the bottom of this page to receive emails when posts are made as well.

We hope to train student Bloggers to control this site in the coming weeks.